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    The #1 Portable Ice Bath For High Performers

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    Plunge into the ice cold water, watch your blood vessels shrink, and experience their rapid expansion upon emerging. Cold water immersion will flush away all metabolic waste while rejuvenating your muscles in the process.
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Improve blood circulation.
    • Encourage deep sleep
    • Improve mood and increase energy
    • Reduce post-excercise soreness
    • Reduce bodily toxins
    • Enhance recovery after training
    • Increase fat burning potential
    • Aids in endorphin release, reduces stress
    • Reduce chronic pain
    • Improve immune system and heart rate variability
    Engineered for prolonged ice retention, our durable and easy to set up cold plunge tub will transform your daily wellness routine and expedite your recovery.
    Imagine how much better you will feel after a cold plunge, how much better you will perform in your next workout, how much better you will sleep, and how much more you will enjoy your daily life. 
    Dive into the icy water, watch your blood vessels contract and experience their rapid expansion as you emerge. The cold water immersion will flush out all metabolic waste while rejuvenating your muscles in the process.

    Portable ice tub is an affordable and portable way to incorporate cold therapy into your wellness routine.

    - Measuring 75cm x 80cm, the bathtub can fit people up to 6'5'' tall

    - It is equipped with triple layer TPE insulated walls to keep the cold and heat.

    - The tub is UV resistant and the insulated lid and weather cover keep it cool

    Say goodbye to expensive and bulky ice baths and say hello to the portable ice tub - your new cold therapy partner!

    31.5" Diameter
    7.7 LBS
    80 Gallon Capacity
    Suitable heights up to 6'7" (2m tall).
    3 x thermal insulated TPE layers.
    Rip-stop Polyester fabric strengthened external layer.
    UV resistant skin-friendly PVC inner lining.
    Thermo Lid to keep the water at a steady temperature.

    What's Included

    1 x Recovery Pod ice bath.
    1 x Thermo Lid.
    1 x All Weather Cover (optional extra).
    6 x Durable Support Legs.
    1 x Hand Pump.
    1 x Drain Hose.
    1 x Carry Bag.
    2 x Transparent Repair Patches.
    1 x User Manual.


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