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    Spax™ Galaxy Zodiac Necklace

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    The Most Unique Piece in the Universe

    Each order is handmade, so no two Stardrip necklaces are alike, making yours a truly special and unique piece.

    We've also made gifting easier for you, and even more memorable for your loved one.  

    Light Up Your World

    Stardrips are a one-of-a-kind glass bead that magically glistens depending on what angle the light hits it!

    Each necklace is inspired by the different stars, galaxies, & nebulas that relate to each constellation: 

    Out-of-this-world Quality
    Each Stardrip necklace is handmade with care, using only the highest quality materials. The beads are made of glass and tiny glass prisms, giving them a luminous quality that is simply stunning.

    The sterling silver chain completes the look, making it a perfect piece to wear day or night!  

    • ♒ Aquarius - Blue Dwarf
    • ♈ Aries - Alpha Arietis
    • ♋ Cancer - Acubens
    • ♑ Capricorn - Deneb Algedi
    • ♊ Gemini - Eskimo Nebula
    • ♌ Leo - Mu Leonis
    • ♎ Libra - Beta Librae
    • ♓ Pisces - Gamma Piscium
    • ♐ Sagittarius - Epsilon Sagittarii
    • ♏ Scorpio - Kappa Scorpii
    • ♉ Taurus - Electra
    • ♍ Virgo - Epsilon Virginis


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