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    Spaceman™ Galaxy Projector

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    How To Transform Your Room Into A Sea Of Stars

    With the press of a button, the ambiance of your room can be transformed. So you can engulf yourself in a relaxing sea of stars with Spaceman™.

    8 Nebula Effects

    With 8 different colors accompanied by twinkling green stars, you can take your mind off of anything. Get lost in your imagination and allow the color mode to match your emotions. Whether you want to feel relaxed, romantic, or creative you can set the atmosphere to your desire.

    Remote Control

    No need for you to disturb your vibe by wasting energy changing color mode. With the remote control, you can lay in bed and change your nebula whilst you stare into your ceiling of stars.

    Auto On/Off

    Save on electricity bills and avoid disturbing your drift-off to sleep with the auto on/off feature! Not only can you change the automatic on/off from 45mins to 90mins, you can also adjust the brightness to ensure you are not disturbed by the light!

    Adjustable Projection

    With Spaceman™ magnetic, adjustable head, you can easily adjust the projection of your nebula. So you can project your sea of stars on the ceiling, wall, or even floor.

    Use For Any Occasion

    The Spaceman™ has such a unique, home ornament vibe, it won't look out of place on any occasion! Steal the show and impress your guests in your bedroom, games room, parties, movie nights, or date nights.

    The Perfect Gift

    Unsure what to gift your loved one this year? This Spaceman™ is perfect! Whether your loved one is a child who loves stars and space or an adult who just wants to relax. This cute design holds a special galaxy surprise for all when turned on. Besides... who wouldn't want to fall asleep under the stars?

    3 Reasons Why Spaceman™ Will Benefit You

    1. Create a relaxing atmosphere so you can take your busy mind to rest.

    2. Unwind your children when it comes to bedtime, so they fall asleep much quicker.

    3. Make bedtime for children something they look forward to rather than dread.


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