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    ComfyRide™ Hard-Bottomed Dog Car Seat Cover

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    Say Goodbye To Uncomfortable, Wobbly Car Rides!

    With its supportive bottom and unique design, the ComfyRide™ offers your dog a warm, safe, and comfortable place to sleep, unwind, or just enjoy the trip.

    Full Back Seat Protection

    Enjoy traveling with your dog but hate the mess it makes in your car?

    With our new adjustable non-slip seat cover, you can trap any dirt or debris your dog has left behind while protecting your seats from claw marks, scratches, body fluids, dirt and odours - it's 100% waterproof and scratch resistant! 

    Unparalleled Safety & Support

    Our first concern is the safety of your pet! With its strong, reinforced sides and bottom, the ComfyRide™ keeps your dog safe and helps keep them from falling or being hurt during abrupt stops.

    You may travel with peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and comfortable!

    Fits All Cars, And All Dogs!

    The ComfyRide™, with its adjustable strap design, fits any standard size back seat, making it a must for any car, SUV or truck!

    Our 375lb/170kg weight capacity ensures that your dog always has a safe and comfortable place to go with you on your activities, regardless of your dog's size!

    Ours vs Others

    Upgraded Sturdy Safety lock and Harness System ensures your baby doesn’t slip when they are vigorously kicking.

    ✅ It fits ALL vehicles with its universal design

    ✅ Ours does not have limited coverage & protection

    ✅ Supports up to 170kg/375lbs

    ✅ Easy to install & clean

    ✅ 100% water & scratch proof

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it washable?

    Yes, the ComfyRide™ panels are removable, so you can machine wash the cover!

    What's the weight capacity?

    It's built to hold up to 375 lbs!

    Will it work with captain seats?

    Yes! It will work with captain seats and bridge the gab between the two seats.

    Will it work with bucket seats?

    Yes! It work great for vehicles with bucket seats.

    Is it waterproof?

    Yes! We use 100% waterproof materials to ensure all accidents, and messes don't leak onto your seats, just an easy wipe up and you're ready to go. Say hello to worry free adventures!

    Can I buckle my dog?

    Yes! This backseat extender has seat belt slots, and comes with two included dog seat belts!

    Can it be folded?

    Yes! The ComfyRide™ folds to accommodate a car seat, or backseat passenger.


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