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    Spill-Free Pet Bowl

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    Tired of Spills or Splashes From Your Furry Baby?
    Our Bowl Keeps Your Pet Hydrated Without Creating A Mess!

    Try It Today, Absolutely Risk-Free, With Your Money Back Guarantee

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    😍🗽Cruelty-free made in the USA.

    The perfect solution for pet owners looking to reduce mess while hydrating their furry friends. Our smart bowl design ensures no spills and also eliminates stress for both pet and owners.

    The curved water bowl, fitted to dog oral structure, more in line with the dog's natural way of drinking water, and they can drink water through licking water lightly.


    Features of Smart Bowl

    🐾 Drip-Free Drinking - No more spills or splashes with our bowl. The fixed border reinforces the floating plate and effectively prevents water splashes on your floor.
    🐾 Travel Friendly - On-the-go hydration with its splash-proof design, this water bowl is perfect for car rides. Its compact size 8.8 x 7.2 x 2 in and 1.5L capacity makes it ideal for all-day hydration for your pet.
    🐾 Effortless Cleaning - Crafted from safe and sturdy materials, this bowl is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean both inside and out.
    🐾 Enduring solution - Crafted to be both durable and cost-effective, this water bowl is the perfect solution for providing your pet with long-lasting hydration.

    And here's how it works:

    ✔ Hydration made easy - The floating plate of the bowl rises and falls with the water level, allowing larger pets to drink comfortably, while smaller pets like cats can drink from the center of the disk with ease.
    ✔ Safe Drinking - By automatically adjusting to the water level, the floating plate design slows down your pet's drinking speed and lowers the risk of choking and vomiting.
    ✔ Secure positioning - With its non-slip bottom, this bowl provides secure positioning, preventing accidents and spills.


    ✔ Color: Gray, White, Blue, Pink
    ✔ Weight: 600g
    ✔ Volume: 1.5 Litres
    ✔ Material: 100% Safe, High-Quality Material – ABS Material

    ATTENTION: Our Smart Bowl is 100% original, don't be fooled by cheap copies or scams!


    100% Money Back Guarantee


    Very high quality

    "Very well, and practical. My dog leaves less water on the floor after drinking. Good quality of workmanship, the plastic is rather good quality and sufficiently thick."

    - Jonatan Koss


    "ILove it!! I use it almost everyday. Great price and fantastic too. Can't thank you enough vubely!!!"

    - Anabel Brown

    This Works!

    "Really fast delivery! anti spill water bowl works very well. I would highly recommend. Worth the money. As described."

    - Arden Miller

    "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)"

    Q: Will this stop my dog from drinking to much water to fast?
    A: It might help slow them down. I got this because my dog kept getting his ears in the open bowl. This helps tremendously with that issue.

    Q: The disk inside holds water in it. How am I suppose to get that out?
    A: The disk comes apart ... look on the side for a 'seam' and use your fingernail to pry it open to get the water out. Then just snap it back together.

    Q: What is the top gray rim made out of? Is it plastic or rubber?
    A: It's rubber. It snaps into the top frame of the bowl. As long as it's firmly "snapped," the product is great.

    Q: Will it keep my shar peis chin dry? All of her extra skin rests in the water as she drinks from a standard bowl causing large trails of water.
    A: It will defiantly help. We have very minimal dribble. We have a Fila Brasileiro puppy so they also have extra skin around the face. Water comes up threw the paw print in the middle as the dog licks it pushes down the float (middle gray part) so unless your dog tries to buries it whole face in the bowl it only gets a small amount of water in the top part each lick.


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