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    Free hands collar cat teaser stick

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    Is your furry friend feeling irritated, lonely, or prone to destructive behavior? 🐱

    Make playtime exciting with the collar teaser stick that captures every cat's attention – they'll love to chew, pounce, and chase!"


    • Collar teaser cat stick, self elevating all day long: One of the advantages of the collar cat teaser stick is that it offers your cat entertainment when you're not available. This can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule and can't always play with your cat.

    • Fun to jump on: Playing with a collar cat teaser stick can provide an enjoyable and interactive experience for both you and your cat, encouraging them to run, jump, and play, ultimately enhancing their overall health and well-being

    • Release the wildness and bid farewell to lazy cats: Cats are natural hunters and love to play. The collar cat teaser stick taps into these instincts, letting your cat play on their terms and reducing stress and anxiety by channeling their energy and aggression into play

    • There are no cats that cannot be reached: This beautiful toy includes a thin steel wire adorned with feathers and bells at the tip. The combination of feathers and bells in a cat toy is simply irresistible to felines, mimicking prey movements and sounds, adding an extra layer of attraction to your cat's play.

    • Safe and Comfortable: The collar is adjustable and suitable for cats of all ages. It is made of soft and lightweight silicone, so it won't hurt your cat or make your cat feel uncomfortable.


    • Material: silicone

    • Color: pink, blue

    • Cable length: 23.5cm/9.25in

    • Feather length: 15cm/5.75in

    • Collar: adjustable (4-11.75in)

    Package Including:

    1 X Free hands collar cat teaser stick



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