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    🎉[Special Offer] Get 2 Extra Lucky® Wood Plant for Desk Decoration at 75% Off)🎉

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    Lucky® It is an outdoor bonsai, it can bring luck, it has a small stump and it is a potted plant to plant in water.

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    Get your perfect gardening gift of good luck!

    • Bring luck to you: This Brazilian wood stump is also called lucky wood, which can bring good luck to the family, increase financial fortune, and bless you safety.
    • Easy to care for: Brazilian wood has a strong vitality, it only needs sunlight, air and very little water to live well. In summer, keep it out of the sun a little, and put it in a ventilated place indoor, and give it more sun in autumn and winter.
    • Suitable for adults and children to plant: Only a small amount of sunlight, air and water is needed (just put 0.5cm / 0.22in depth of water into the basin, it can survive).
    • ​Nice decoration or gift: can be put in front of the computer, absorb formaldehyde, purify the air. Great gift for our friends, family on birthdays,Christmas, etc.


    Bring luck and purify the air

    Brazilian lucky wood can attract wealth, success, and is also an air purifier, the very popular indoor hydroponics can be placed on the desktop in the living room, study, office.

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    Product Details

    • ​Add cold water (water level line no more than 0.5 cm), after two days of drying, add water again, alternately keeping dry and wet, to prevent the bottom from rotting and growing more vigorously.
    • ​Do not add too much when adding water. Long-term high water immersion will cause the trunk to rot.
    • ​If the water is bad, stop soaking immediately, dry the Brazilian wood and add water again.


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